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dressed in. a. military assault on and i obviously in the i'm sixteen you know helmet with a camera on it live streaming now his intention was that mainstream media or. indeed that's what at the moon set out to say is that's disturbing for many reasons not least of all the way to terrorism getting the message out but also copycat attacks but it didn't stray tional think. we've seen it with white when attacks hard white bands bring down but this means people bottles of different persuasions and motivations have been doing that for the last but the longest we now risk is ill and then destroyed indeed around the world. because of the kid with a big against muslims deciding that shooting up with the most is an easy things that happened two years ago in the big city of course except for the number of cases across the us over the last few means but this live streaming video which is truly awful is like actually gives no violence that the prime minister's call this
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a very well planned attack. given your your background knowledge of terrorism and the kind of attacks there are does this look like this could this could be more than just one cell or one group of individuals. that's what police have to work with because they were worried about a second stage attacker it was the case that the and even in this trailer yes but on the face of it this. meeting that sort nine six people shot back in january twenty seventh st or in the like the un was very brave to get back in a way. when there was a youth camp and they people in whole lot of them so within and in both cases which were about low neck their tax break attacked was very sophisticated and he paid for months and months and months but he was just one guy by himself mind you even
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posting a manifesto so he was concerned about an online community who supported him same thing here and manifesto and online community it's important it's very lucky they're still in there. and not getting another show we keep hearing is the fact that new zealand there isn't violent crime in new zealand police don't carry firearms as it's seen as a secure our country is this going to change that and that's the security apparatus have to change the way it operates. authorities in australian authorities in australia and look very closely together on the including counterterrorism have long been saying that we explain as a minute that sting as terrorism and murders attacks it's not a question of if it's a question of when it's happening and will disappear in europe or involved in america it will happen in australian women some stage we thought that they maybe many years ago that day has come so that completely changes things this is a paradigm shift i think sadly and it's friday i mean when muslims go to say for
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a phrase together it's unlikely you would have scouting mosques i say that sad because the it shouldn't be. but it's long been the case with synagogues and jewish schools some of the i think that that kind of. friendship moment has come down in history. greg barton from deakin university a terrorism expert giving us some insight into those mass shootings in new zealand thank you. we'll of course be updating you on the situation in new zealand throughout the day we'll also be giving you other news from the day we'll be in gaza telling you the latest from the surprise all attacks that israel says it's hit one hundred hamas targets in gaza after rockets are fired at tel aviv. and politicians in the u.k. tried to put the brakes on that we'll have the details.
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hello there for many of us across the southeast in parts of asia we've been seeing some pretty heavy showers recently particularly for the southern part of our map so through many parts of indonesia here including java very very heavy showers further north there almost two more showers over the philippines will see a couple more as we head through into sunday as well and that's good news because we could do with a bit of wet weather here towards the west there could be a few showers around the southern parts of it now i'm going to cross into cambodia i think for most of us issued beach right before the towards the south and here we've been watching some very violent thunderstorms make their way every part of new south wales and through queensland these have given us some very heavy downpours loss of large hail and a lot of thunder and lightning as well that system's going to stick around as we head through the day on saturday so the risk of seeing some more severe weather and then we'll also see that spread down the coast a bit as we head into sunday so they could be some more very sharp showers
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a bit for the south as well elsewhere in towards the west for us in perth the temperatures will be dropping so around twenty nine will be the maximum for us over towards new zealand and the weather's fairly quiet at the moment we've got a lot of cloud with this most of that is over the north island and then as we head into sunday that will gradually begin to clear away so many of us will see some dry fine weather with clint seeing the temperatures up to twenty four degrees. they were searching for a sanctuary in australia but instead would a time for use on a pacific island now one i want to just follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking. on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching our desire and here's a reminder for top stories this hour at least forty nine people have died in mass shootings in new zealand you're looking at the first pictures showing the immediate aftermath of the attack one person has been charged with murder the attack targeted muslim worshipers during friday prayers. we new zealand. we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can darn racism because we are an enclave for extremism we were chosen
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for the very fact that we are none of these things because we represent diversity kindness compassion for home for those who share our values rish huge for those who need it and those values i can assure you will not and cannot be shaken by this attack. that was the new zealand prime minister and australia's prime minister scott morrison has confirmed that one of the four people detained is a national. we are shocked. we are appalled we have. and we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred to die by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. that is typed in the law it's stolen the logs
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in a vicious murder city. that is. climbed so many new zealanders. this attack reminds us of the evil that is ever present and would seek to strike at any time. and i particularly want. to convey my heartfelt sympathies not only to all of the need is ill and people. as i'm sure all the strata would join me in doing but i particularly want to express my sincere praise and thoughts for those new zealanders and data stratton's of islamic faith to die who have been the subject of this vicious and callous right wing extremist attack. of course be updating you on the situation in new zealand constantly throughout the day but i'd like to bring you some other news appears to
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have returned to gaza this is just hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged . there's really no tree says a hundred hamas military targets were struck in the early morning on friday it is in response to rocket to two rocket attacks near tel aviv the exchange of fire is raising fears of an escalation off the conflict let's get more on this from harry fawcett who joins us live from the israeli side of the gaza border areas who are saying a night of tensions what's the situation now. where as you're saying it does appear pretty calm this morning here on the border with gaza as well as those one hundred targets that was struck by the israeli military from the overnights these are the army's also saying that nine projectiles will watched from within gaza it's ward's areas around here surrounding the gaza border on news ready
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side six of those they say intercepted by the israeli anti-missile iron dome system one falling within gaza to falling into open territory on the israeli side of the border similar in their impact to what happened in tel aviv in that there were no injuries or damage reported but that firing of those rockets to the most populous part of israel the first time since twenty fourteen but missiles have been fired did bring about this response from the israelis and there are reports in the israeli media today suggesting that the israel defense establishment believes that this was in some way mistaken or was carried out by a lower level members of hamas without the sanction of the higher leadership certainly that would tally with what hamas has said in terms of denying any responsibility for this launch and saying that it was counterproductive to national interests and that it would seek out those responsible one of the same time israeli
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military has said that hamas was indeed responsible in some way for the launching of those rockets carry the situation seems to be contained for now does it seem like there could be chances of further escalation. well there's always that chance given just how fine the calculations are on each side when we get to these sorts of situations we've seen them repeatedly in recent months without obviously a rocket attack on television and it's also coming during the israeli election period as well when benjamin netanyahu the prime minister will be expected to project a strong image in retaliation to any such attacks however we have had this message from the israelis talking about potentially a lower level group within hamas so but perhaps deescalate every message there coming from the israeli s. and as well is that a very significant message coming from hamas usually on fridays since the end of
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march last year every friday there has been a board of protest in protest at the israeli blockade and sea in gaza today for the first time they've announced that that is being canceled so that's a pretty big concession from hamas it's a very obvious signal to the israelis and so the egyptians are that you've been trying to broker a negotiated settlement between the two sides of months now that hamas also is keen to try to tamp down these tensions and presumably that something will be very much welcomed by the israeli prime minister all analysis suggests that he does not want a full escalation towards war just a few weeks out from the election on ninth of april very fast said speaking to us from the israeli side of the gaza border fence thank you. friday marks the eighth anniversary of the syrian uprising against president bashar al assad at least three hundred seventy thousand people have been killed in the conflict so far and
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millions of people feel they have no place in bashar assad syria you know how there has this report in beirut in neighboring lebanon. eighty years of human suffering. syrians continue to bury their children. sixteen year old muhammad and his fourteen year old sister omni were killed in government artillery strikes. we buried them in a mass grave i didn't see them because it would be unbearable they were burned no flesh no bones. there is an active frontline between the government and opposition in the southern countryside of rebel controlled where a ceasefire should be in place. was instead almost two hundred civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year.
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thousands have been forced to flee in recent weeks adding to the millions already displaced many of them displaced multiple times. the bombardment forced us to leave our home in the northern countryside of homes we escaped and used homes. we had to move from the front lines and there is nowhere safe. there is little peace even in government controlled territories where rights groups report arbitrary arrests and a return to repressive rule so-called reconciliation agreements in former opposition held areas are not being respected. the most recent cases were documented were six volunteers with the time for no reason there are many other cases where people are afraid to provide information because they fear the intelligence services. the absence of the rule of law and
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accountable security agencies or some of the reasons why syrians were belled in two thousand and eleven the regime refused reforms back then and chose to crackdown pushing the opposition to take up arms. the syrian president is still refusing demands for change the international community wants bashar assad to engage in a credible political process that would lead to a new constitution and free elections but political reform would mean giving up power and the syrian leadership is unlikely to hand over what it didn't lose on the battlefield. for us the war has been won some countries have already started to normalize ties with his government but much of the international community won't accept it until political reforms place. and there remains the problem in the north of the country much of which is not controlled by the government and is being fought over by the beni interested
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parties and the millions who live there can't and won't return to syria for them the war is far from over. beirut. british politicians have chosen to ask the country's departure date to be delayed it's due to happen in just over two weeks and any suspension has to be approved unanimously by the e.u. has twenty seven other members albright and has this report from london. what a mess the u.k. parliament is divided and deadlocked a delay to bret's it now seems inevitable the only question is for how long the government says rejecting to recent deal would narrow the options to just one we would be faced with the prospect of choosing only a long extension during which the house would meet our need to face up to the choices in front of it and the consequences of the decisions that it has taken the
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government's proposal was to ask the e.u. for a one off extension until june the thirtieth to allow time for a third attempt by theresa may to have her twice rejected bracks a deal pushed through parliament but with just ten working days left before the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s are feeling exasperated and rebellious and an attempt by one group to seize control of parliamentary time next wednesday was only narrowly defeated by just two votes a separate amendment proposing another bracketed referendum was rejected by a majority of two hundred forty nine votes in the main government motion passed. by a comfortable two hundred ten yards to the right four hundred twelve the nose to the left to congress and to how they were moving towards potentially as a result of this week in parliament percent of the brics it because that's the only route now to a majority although if those on the right of party realise this then they could be
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one viable push towards a deal the european union is exasperated to the e.u. leaders summit is next thursday in brussels and if to recent deal is rejected a third time by parliament next tuesday some leaders aren't minded to grant the u.k. an extension at all but what is the intention the british parliament want all what all. of the british authorities in the two need more time we need more decision in washington the irish prime minister discussed it with the us president donald trump said he'd given theresa may some negotiating advice advice that she hadn't taken i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner frankly i hate to see it being everything being ripped apart right now i don't think you know the vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that want in all the confusion no one thing has become clear unless the e.u. rejects the u.k. request britain is not leaving the european union as sheffield on march twenty ninth paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. to china now or the economic
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slowdown and the trade war with the us who are at the top of the agenda for chinese legislators who were gathered in beijing aaron brown was watching developments and sent us this update. this was the final day of the national people's congress held here in the great hall of the people in tiananmen square the almost three thousand n.p.c. delegates knew what was expected of them and so the outcome of their vote was never going to be in doubt the n.p.c. doesn't block legislation or place checks on party leaders they have indorsed an amendment to the foreign investment law this is something analysts say which goes some way to answering the criticisms of the trumpet ministration which says china simply doesn't allow a level playing field for foreign investors in this country inferi the new law will end the practice whereby foreign companies are forced to hand over their
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intellectual property as a condition for doing business in their country also they won't have to enter into joint ventures in future but the key words are interpretation and in full cement remember the courts here in china are still controlled by the communist party later the premier league held his annual news conference where he took questions which are vetted in advance from foreign journalists as always it was the economy the dominated foreign investment law that's been passed here appears to be an olive branch to the united states it's still unclear though whether president xi jinping and president donald trump will meet again some time in the next few weeks and whether indeed they can sign a deal to finally resolve their trade differences ok before we go let's update you on our top story it's ten thirty pm in christ church this is the scene at new zealand's worst mass shootings forty nine people have died the streets are largely
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empty schools and mosques are in lockdown and the police has warned everyone to stay fit hand. africa's most populous nation a bloc just economy has a youth unemployment problem and a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion coats it is folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on our just era. they left their home seeking sanctuary in australia but instead speak is detained on minute silence a tiny speck in the pacific ocean. now to the refugees of forging new lives in north america one i want to joins them on their explored narry journey towards
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freedom. thomas morning. eric guster major this is a mirror. and imre getting on a boat is what put these young men on menace island today we're going to take them off it. and. this is the beginning of my journey with twenty four year old emilio tough a christian convert from iran and iran mohammed at age twenty three a minority regime whose fled persecution in million mom. after four years in detention then now committed to move around menace the
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controversial detention center is being closed down now the island is did prison. but there's one other spot the refugees can visit. and there he saw the boys once in a town and told them you know if you want to have felt that in a bit of peace you can just come in here and relax you know nobody's going to stay here. mandolin at all just off mannus is where the refugees see a different side to p. and g. . the island's custody and lets asylum seekers stay here for free he says losing his arm in
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a fishing accident has told him to be sympathetic when they come or what they may do will come to him and like them they are like me but because they have a problem in the country or source so that's why they didn't come over here to my place that's why i like them. and that is most of the morans experiences on manis haven't been so positive and i interned in the center i paid for and depressed and people are warehoused and the man away yearly and. it's going to be bad i'm not here to be processed i'm here to be tortured. iran's odyssey began aged just sixteen escaping persecution in me in march for
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malaysia he was in succession held hostage by people smugglers in immigration detention in indonesia for almost two years and after a boat trip to christmas island was detained and transported here i was treated like any month in many places i was beaten by far at least. i have experienced. things in life that i shouldn't have been in miami life. in. my industry and it has destroyed my tran as a human being. the the. the
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me here is the. you know i converted to christianity always a lot of stubborn person and i like to question things i always start to question things. and because i was a very old person i started questioning from the people that i wasn't supposed to do that. caused me troubles dad i was almost getting killed the. the. the. the. left iran as a fourteen year old boy to live in malaysia. and you know we have a brother. amir we're happy to have because it's converted into. a believe it's.
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fearing he'd be imprisoned after his malaysian student fazer expired amir also boarded a people smuggler boat headed for christmas island i had seen people getting on these boats i had seen these boats that they were leaky boats i had seen them looking. and terrifying and i had no options i had to take. to twenty thirteen more than the thousand asylum seekers who had perished at sea including many aboard despite smashed upon the rocks of christmas island. amelia and jim rohn arrived safely here after this tragedy but in one sense their
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timing couldn't have been worse for. landing just after the labor government declared that all future boat arrivals would never be settled in a strike. by joint thirteen hundred other single men on mannus crammed into a center that previously housed three hundred fifty it compounds just like a chicken house and they would throw people in there and they would lock these doors chains locks fences everywhere and all of them are guarded you can't leave you can go anywhere anywhere you want to go you have to be escorted him and. another detainees secretly filmed. mia for these guided to up of life on the inside. you can use even more so that everyone is covered
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a bit because one of the most important they shall be for these because of the crap is because too many people get. pleasure out of the model. of oh no not over for use on a mere witnessed riots beatings and the shooting attack by drunken soldiers. no no. we saw people dying we saw people scrolling on the ground for pain of seeing people pulling out their own teeth. i've seen people cutting their necks. and. many other things just these four years was always always always a great trauma that i could. i can never forget. the only why out was
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a ticket to the homelands that had fled all resettlement in pay n.g. . behind the scenes and unusual refugee deal was being broken in twenty sixteen the u.s. a grade to resettle up to twelve hundred asylum seekers from menace and nauru in america. it's nearly six months since i met him and demur. despite president trump's reluctance the us refugee deal is still on the y. but the details arrive pyke. small groups of men are being flown from madness to pay in g.'s capital polled most be. some nationalities iranians and somalis are rejected. for the lucky ones there's a new life in america and we get
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a tip off that imran may be among them. the main attack into a motel under heavy guard. and border force offices have told p. and g. security not to let us film. it. because it. is. also told our loved ones anyway. we eventually confirm that imran is here. and finally after six long months whiting in port most be a decision. this time there are no gods or handcuffs this time iran won't be flying as
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a prisoner i'm going to. interview. i am. very sorry. he doesn't quite believe it until the boarding pass is in his hands destination america. it's autumn in canada and on the vancouver waterfront residence embrace the vivid change of season. this place was never in any resettlement plan and i'm
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surprised to be here. of the thirteen hundred men on nonis once tenacity and good luck has meant he's managed to buck the system. after a secretive application process emilio was granted protection in canada. this is where i now owe her dollars if i call it alpha house on menace through force of personality and a good command of english a mere became a de facto leader. canada is anonymity and a job at a local tourist attraction and i was
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a man assigned and i had like one thousand five hundred people just running after me going up they sweating to know what's the news wanting to know when they get out of there wanted me to do stuff with it. being here all of a sudden he's just like there's no really around there nobody asking me anything. nobody will like this when i just want to smell the tea. life is different now. compared to a place that you basically couldn't call it life. basically nothing but now say they also called. you know my life here. you know i i just want to say when i came here i just felt.
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like. oh it's so good to see you and you know the girlies for in fact. it's the first anniversary of the misa arrival in vancouver his remarkable luck in getting to canada is due to this unlikely group of people. and they're all members of a private sponsorship group an initiative where citizens provide money and support for refugees to resettle in canada actually as we all expected it was a bit of an uphill battle. for the early stages but we're standing here today and.
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we've got one upstanding citizen of canada now one year later brought together by canadian astrology and couple wine and linda tyler the group raised almost thirty thousand dollars to bring you me from mannus and support his first year in canada rescue team and you rescued me from an island which so many governments and so many countries were not able to do so many systems so many departments so many organizations so i appreciate it and thank you. and. it all started when a mere wine tireless daughter chelsea a melbourne based nurse who worked on manis vaccinating asylum seekers. hightails. hi amy or how are you she was adamant quite honestly that we do something
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and yet we were was somewhat. concerned that we could really achieve anything having not been through it before but we just said well we'll give it a go i thought and they're like ok without a semi retired political consultant why in tyler was undaunted by the complexities of refugee sponsorship and so this well connected group hit the phones lobbying politicians and officials to bring amir to canada oh well our parting now it's almost inconceivable what these people could be treated the why that they have played treated certainly from the people who were part of al group when i heard that story felt that it was. unfathomable that people could be kept by sickly as prisoners. yeah there's another one and we say every year there are.
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amused getting on with their life that the tension on man is interrupted. c's vancouver community college or. the first place that i started i continue my education. does the judge have to follow what the jury recommends and and their heard no that is can make their own. decisions but i am planning to take things step by step i have been considering human rights law where for psychology i just. doing everything at it one thing at a time was the
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. while of me says his conversion to christianity forced him to leave iran he now feels that religion is less important than. that and today he makes a rare visit to a church to people from a muse sponsorship group a members of the unitarian congregation he. was i like christianity it is something that i always was very interested since it was a very own kit. i would gradually say i'm not so much into any specific religion but you this is your reason. for getting out of rounds and yes. how does that match up with. doubts one of the thing that always got me in troll into trouble so. yeah i do still believe in it i.
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see it as something that gets me connected. was a muse new life looks comfortable bought a year after arriving in canada he knows happiness isn't guaranteed. you can be in there worth planes on this planet they're worse one there and you can see like let's say happening man is like the worst place and make it a heaven for yourself and you can be in the best country on the planet and make it a hell for yourself. it. over the border in the land of the free around five hundred refugees from
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manis and now ru have been resettled scattered across the u.s. in cities like chicago often with minimal support. theses one of chicago's most multicultural neighborhoods and now living just around the corner is a camera plenty of people. come over to basically. americans in india and. you can consume it so is this different to what you expect it is far different than it's going to break a beautiful god to take place if i thought there were no trees have found and you know maybe. it's very different you don't wear a sari iran has a job at a workshop alongside several other form a man is to tiny's but unlike him ron
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they don't want any contact with this trial ians or the media it goes both for a good and bad that i am free and someone interesting. i just wanted to beef up free and i think is going to be expected as a human being and. people have been welcoming and i'm loved. so it's. different if it's like a home. in a country with eleven million undocumented migrants where the president wants to build a wall to keep others out astrology is so cold but crisis and the government's hardline response have barely registered.
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but iran is finding many people interested in his story i'm really pleased to introduce you to a friend of ours who just arrived in may of two thousand and eighteen his name is in riyadh mohamed he's a refugee i thank you iran for coming to our class. i didn't expect anything like that from australia. because i have friends in australia they're wasted lives they're running around and they went to australia and they're going to ask for and they got a car and you know it's they were telling me that all could come to this country they were respected as a human being and that's why i wanted to go to australia even when i was living. one of their customers had told me that i want to come back. but when i came to this country one of the custom of he said talk to welcome to america thank you and
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that's what i wanted to hear. but iran is haunted by the memory of six hundred men who were not so welcome here neither prison is really free i remain trapped on a distant pacific island. i'm here i'm free. i still have nightmares sometimes i'll just counselling and wideawake and as. my apartment. i call my friends name and not hear their own. and join. in fighting when i. i started covering man i saw him more than three years ago and when i first met
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these men i wondered how their stories would in a never thought it would be here on the other side of the world in the suburbs of north america some people might think this is a pretty good outcome to what was a political and social problem and now that he's a straw you might forget these guys but i won't forget what australia did to them and i might not forgive either. can be lonely sometimes for lonely it's just i feel like i'm still there and i hear these daily stuff it's not any use just keep happening it's getting worse and worse . it's something that i will always remember it i will never be able to forget it stuff that happened my friends that they were killed in front of
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me. this shouldn't have happened ever and i am sure it is going to be a day that a new featured at a straight year will feel sorry about what they've done. a chance for a union after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to join some others journey to reaganite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. i know you. have boyfriends now but. the children of south africa the fences have. the same.
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say. seven up south africa. that. out. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin that is coming up in the next sixty minutes forty nine people are shot dead in attacks on
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two mosques in new zealand's worst ever mass shooting. you may have chosen us but we actually reject him. the prime minister denounces those responsible one man who's been charged with murder. israeli airstrikes target girls as rockets are fired at television for the first time in five years. this is a moment to story and we'll look back on u.s. senators vote to overturn donald trump's border emergency declaration but the president threatens a veto. now it's eleven o'clock at night in christchurch new zealand the scene of what prime minister just into our dan who's called a terrorist attack now this is the worst mass shooting the country has ever seen at
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least forty nine muslims were killed during friday prayers at two mosques in the city of christchurch police say one man in his late twenty's has been charged with murder the first attack took place at the owl nor mosque in central christ church and that was followed by a second choosing of the lynwood mosque a short distance away. where the police have detained for people so far and have defused a number of improvised explosive devices that have been found on vehicles victoria gave me gives us the latest round up now of the story so far. this was the scene shortly after a gunman. in fire at a mosque in christ church the worshippers some injured themselves are surrounded by the bodies of family members and friends. as the wounded were rushed to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in
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a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they say for disabled one of two bombs found in the car that he was driving earlier the city's main al new mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing military style uniform and a camera mounted on his helmet here but. what it would not talk me here looking a lot of. is started shooting and the people of the. undershirt and. that's a good is how do you go one by one if. some people got the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened far on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing that a shooting of the shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. could hear screaming in the crying and.
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some people you know drop dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshippers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away police have arrested a number of suspects including an australian born man new zealand's prime minister said they weren't on any security watch lists and said new zealand had been the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation that welcomed migrants we new zealand. we were not a tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who fight. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn rices i'm. because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are not in our face things australia's prime minister is also a pulled and shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the
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attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing voluntary. that is typed in the logs stolen the logs in a vicious murder suspect that has climbed so many new zealand's police haven't ruled out the possibility of most suspects being at launch and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nation wind we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone is keep saif and that includes. the fairness and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around the wall of their mosques to ensure nothing but kids the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever
6:54 pm
experienced victoria gates and be algis they are well the mayor of the city of christ sachets aging people in the area to pull together in the aftermath of the attack. i think it's really important that people remain absolutely calm and feel free to talk to friends and family about the feelings that you have it's natural i could believe that something like this would even haven and the city across change. that this would even. and it looks as something the hip and we need to. get through the situation right now with correspondent kate king just arrived in christchurch and kate tell us about the city that you found.
6:55 pm
not seen it is very much a somber mood arriving here in christchurch you heard the nearly endows hill talking there about how they should be checking with each other to make sure that everyone is ok to call security here in christchurch and that is very much what people are doing here i get a scene that everyone is still very much in shock people here talking to one another describing what they screw or well thirty scribing how they feel the fact that they didn't believe that this would even happen here on new zealand for what sort of security arrangements are there in evidence in the city i mean are they visible are there more police officers on the streets for instance. yes there is very much an increased police presence on the streets here police had all but been told to be armed christchurch and a new zealand isn't a place where that happens. so for for the public that is perhaps
6:56 pm
a new thing but also maybe may bring some sense of security and safety here to the people of christchurch the police say that they have used a very resource possible they're drafting and police from other parts of the country the defense force is also being deployed to christchurch so the presence of security here has given that leap a method and give us a sense of the nature of christchurch understand it's quite a conservative city. look i think one thing that really needs to be held a ton about christchurch and contemporary and those who live here is that it has been through a lot and the past few good is back in two thousand and eleven of course was six point eight magnitude earthquake which davis tied to the city and killed a hundred and eighty five people and then the good since then to have reentered really being trying to deal with that with the city which its infrastructure has being gifted lighted anti-a suburbs have been destroyed and livelihoods really have
6:57 pm
have changed forever and then you have to remember that that was of course at the hands of not the night she where is today's attack at the hands of humans and people here. resilient and hardy bunch of people but they are in the data and shock and people here have been telling me that they just couldn't believe that this sort of attack would even happen in new zealand mrs larne at the levels that we asked seeing forty nine people have been killed we know that now at least thirty of them at the mosque and things add an iran to the scene to all christchurch for shiite people after all the growing procedures at home little they are includes children and adults and so it is very much an unfolding situation here in christchurch as you say it is the light at night he has been many people have gone home those who are still out on the streets seeming to be sticking to give and punches making sure
6:58 pm
that everyone is ok and saying all right kate king thank you very much and not giving giving us a situation report then from christian again of the call gone eleven o'clock knives now we've also been speaking to jamie gulf who's a city council a full the city and he thinks the attacks may force the country to rethink its national security strategy. look i think people have dawned on the fact that new zealand will never be the same again i think national security will never be the same again the way that perhaps we have been blah about things in the past and you look and you say well ok it's in america or oh and parts of europe but i think there's always been this unwritten belief that it just doesn't happen in new zealand people don't want to say that because they don't want to jinx it but i think everyone that's visited our country feels that way so you know as elected representatives of our city it's just absolutely staggering that we could witness you know such scenes of height and violence like that and you know typically
6:59 pm
tolerant country and peaceful city like cross-stitch so everyone is i think still in disbelief i think at the moment they try and they want to be with the families they're giving the kids a big i'm going to have a young eighteen month old son and have me pregnant wife at the moment we are at home and we just land that we haven't been caught up in this but school children have just have been in lockdown so a lot of people public buildings our christchurch city civic facilities have all been locked down and only recently has that has that been lifted so i mean now that we children coming home to the parents now be the getting a lot of love from the parents right as he just showed have come now he's president of the muslim association of canterbury and he's joining us on the phone from christchurch thank you very much indeed for talking to us your community must be in the deepest state of shock.
7:00 pm
should have come on that one can you hear can you have made and i was just suggesting to you that to heal community must be in a very deep state of shock. yeah this just give us tripping for us and as we know it being in such a peaceful country and yeah i stopped in iran and. yes we are our community is very upset of the military and you know we need a lot of maintenance of oak and we have a lot of detail. did this a lot of others and this is obviously this these attacks these twin attacks came out of the blue they were surprise.


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